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You can make your house more beautiful and increase its value while reducing the amount of effort you spend on maintenance by hiring a professional pressure washing company like Viking Power Wash to clean, stain, and seal everything on the exterior; including attachments and fixtures like decks, a gazebo, and brick pavers. Doing this type of work on a scheduled basis can also save you thousands in repair costs associated with wood replacement.


Keeping a clean house exterior, well maintained deck, clean driveway and so on can take hours of hard work. So for most homeowners and even business owners, this is not something you want to do yourself. Getting professional results is much more complicated than just renting some pressure washing equipment and spraying everything down. Inexperienced people cause millions of dollars in property damage each year using high pressure equipment.


Make the right choice by contacting Viking Power Wash. We've been pressure washing in Michigan for over 15 years and provide all the exterior house cleaning and wood restoration service you'll ever need.


"I still cannot believe the amazing job your company did on our home. All of the wood looks brand

new again and everyone who sees our house thinks we had the wood replaced. They are then

astounded when we tell them we only had it restored.


Our wood deck in the back also looks fantastic now, thanks to all the hard work your crew did

cleaning, sanding and staining it. I'm sure with your scheduled maintenance program we won't

have to worry about it getting in such bad shape again. Thanks for all the great work and I look

forward to speaking with you again soon."


Mandy and Bobby Henderson


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