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Professional Wood Restoration Services For Decks


Over time, mother nature can destroy anything outdoors that's not properly protected and maintained. This is especially true for things made of wood, such as a deck. That's why correctly sealing wood decks with a quality protectant then following a good maintenance program is so important.


Decks that have not been maintained through the years usually have various issues ranging from a gray or discolored appearance to splintering and surface decay. More severe problems such as wood rot can also occur if the decking is left untreated.

These are all correctable, even wood rot if caught at an early enough stage. So don't start pricing new lumber yet, you may just need our deck restoration services.


Finding contractors with the knowledge and experience to restore a deck so it looks as good as new is not an easy task. Many wood restoration companies aren't use to dealing with outdoor wood structures, especially exotic hardwoods like ipe or cypress, and most pressure washing companies only know how to clean a deck.


To achieve professional results, you need a local contractor like Viking Decks. We have been restoring decks properly since starting our business in 1989. Our crews can clean, sand, brighten, strip, stain, seal and even replace wood when necessary.


Please feel free to browse our site for further information about decks and the restoration process. Just remember to send your information for a Free Estimate when you're done.


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